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    Tube-Chains machine

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    Tube-Chains machine

    The chain conveyor is also called Tube-Chains conveyor and pipe chain conveyor.

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    E-mail: info@boxincn.com
    Address: Taishan West Street, Xin'an Street, Anqiu City, Weifang City, Shandong Province(Venture Innovation Incubation Base 3 Building)


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    Product features:

    The chain conveyor is also called Tube-Chains conveyor and pipe chain conveyor.

    product details:


    The chain conveyor is also called chain conveyor and pipe chain conveyor. It is a kind of equipment which is transported in the closed pipeline. It is a new type of conveying equipment that saves energy and stable performance in the conveying system. It is widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, pesticide ore, food industry, feed, building materials and other industries. The continuous conveying equipment that can transport powder, granular and small bulk materials can be transported horizontally, vertically or in a circular way.

    Product characteristics of Tube-chains machine:

    1.The pipeline is completely airtight, no dust flying, no pollution to the environment, no need to install other dust removal equipment on the equipment.

    2.Small power, low energy consumption, energy saving;

    3.It can transport hot, cold, and temperature sensitive materials

    4.It can achieve multi-point feeding and blanking, and has good sealing performance.

    5.It is simple in structure and convenient in installation.

    6.Special installation space can be applied to other installations that cannot be installed.

    7.Special process and material can satisfy food grade and drug grade transportation.

    8.According to the specific environment of customers, we can design different sizes and structures.