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    Tube-Chains conveyor

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    Tube-Chains conveyor

    Pipe chain conveyor is a continuous conveying equipmentforconveying bulk materials.

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    E-mail: info@boxincn.com
    Address: Taishan West Street, Xin'an Street, Anqiu City, Weifang City, Shandong Province(Venture Innovation Incubation Base 3 Building)


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    Product features:

    Pipe chain conveyor is a continuous conveying equipmentforconveying bulk materials.

    product details:


    Pipe chain conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment for conveying bulk materials such as powder, small granular and small blocks. It can be transported horizontally, vertically and vertically. It is in a closed pipe, with chain sheets as transmission components, and animal material along the pipeline.

    Performance characteristics of Tube-Chains conveyor:

    1.It has compact structure and small space. It can change the direction of transportation in three dimensions. It is not affected by the topography, angle and height; the conveying process is carried out in the closed pipeline, the material is pollution-free and no dust flies.

    2.The transportation process is balanced. There is basically no internal movement between the materials, less damage, ensuring the quality of the material and suitable for abrasive materials.

    3. It will not cause system blockage, and is suitable for conveying various forms of materials.

    4.There will be no material stratification in the transportation of mixed materials.

    5.Large transport capacity, low energy consumption, and greatly reduce the operation cost of equipment.

    6.All moving parts are all operated in closed space, safe and reliable

    7.Long distance transportation.

    8.It is possible to deploy multiple inlet and outlet at random, to meet technological requirements.

    9.It is easy to realize centralized control and improve automation level.